The Sculpture Channel

Welcome to the Academy

Whether you are just starting out or have been a creative sculptor for some time, we offer educational programs that can help.

Online Courses

Close up of a letter carver's hand holding a chisel while carving Trajan letters on a marble plate

Letter Carving Course

A course that will teach you how to carve letters and help you getting started on your own.

Closeup of sculptor's hands holding a hammer and chisel while carving on a marble sculpture of a Baroque putto

Baroque Putto

This course will provide you unique insight into the underlying structure of many sculptures. 

Coming soon

Flower Ornament

Learn how to make an ordinary marble tile blossom into a beautiful flower.

Keystone Mask

In this course you will learn to carve a keystone with the features of a grotesque mask.

One-on-one classes

Weekend Classes

Every other weekend, our fully equipped studio is available for private classes to no more than 4 students.

Private Classes

Intended for a fully tailored personal experience, we offer our fully equipped sculpture studio space and expertise also for private one-on-one classes.

Week-long Studio Workshop

A five-days workshop in our fully equipped studio. It will allow you to focus and hone your skills on a particular subject of stone carving. 

Online Coaching

portfolio reviews, personalized learning plans, career advice and more through private one-on-one online coaching.

Stone carving holidays

in Tuscany

A seven day stone carving course
at a magnificent, 18th Century Tuscan Country House.