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The Point Chisel

In this video you will learn all you kneed to know about the point chisel.

How to use the Flat Chisel

Learn about the flat chisel and how to use it to carve stone.

Stone Carving Hammers

In this video you’ll get a a brief introduction to all the types of hammer used for stone carving.

How to Hold Chisels

In this video you’ll learn about the four ways in which to hold chisels and how they’re applied to carving stone.

The Angle Grinder

In this video you will learn about the safety measures you will need to be aware of when using the angle grinder.

How to Carve Letters in Stone

In this video you will get a demonstration on how to carve the letter “I”, the basic letter for starting to learn to carve letters in stone.

The Tooth Chisel

In this video you will learn about the tooth chisel and it’s peculiarities.

How to Sharpen Flat Chisels

A video about how to sharpen the flat chisel for stone carving purposes.


All you need to know about the roundel or round chisel.

Hammering Techniques

In this video you will learn how to use the hammer for stone carving.

How to Measure a Sculpture

Learn how to take measurements of a head for ordering a stone.

Pneumatic Hammer Set Up

Learn how to properly connect a pneumatic hammer to a compressor.

What is Carbide?

Learn about the various types of carbide that are used to make stone carving chisels.

How to Measure a Sculpture

Learn how to measure a sculpture for your stone carving project.

How to Sharpen Point Chisels

Learn how to sharpen a point chisel for carving stone.

10 Tools for Beginner Sculptors & Stone Carvers

A list of the top 10 tools we recommend for beginner stone carvers.

How to Sharpen the Tooth Chisel

Learn how to sharpen hardened steel and carbide tooth chisels.

How to Draw Straight Lines on Sculptures

Learn how to draw straight lines onto a 3D sculpture.

5 Quick Sculpture & Stone Carving Tips | Sculpture Tutorial

5 quick tips that will help you achieve a more efficient workflow when handling and carving stone.

What's Inside a CUTURI HAMMER? | Sculpture Tutorial

In this video you’ll have a look inside a Cuturi pneumatic hammer. You will also find advice on care and maintenance of the hammer.

5 books EVERY Sculptor Must Read - Essential Books Recommendations

We need to educate ourselves in the fine art of sculpture. Here are five sculpture manuals that every sculptor must read.

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